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tv   News4 at 4  NBC  June 24, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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his terrorist attack. ed radio closed, power out, homes damaged. we are live with the rush to clean up in northern virginia just one of several big stories we are following first at 4. chris, we are also working a tragic story in montgomery a man who lived nearly 80 years died in the middle of the severe storms yesterday. news4's meagan fitzgerald spoke to his family, new at 4:00. >> reporter: montgomery police say tuesday's night's storm contributed to the death of a 79-year-old man from poolsville. you look down here you can see crime scene tape still remains from where police blocked off this roadway to investigate. police say elmer frolik was driving east on darns town road near cattail when he collided with a downed tree in the roadway. frolik died on the scene. his devastated family says he was just minutes away from home. >> he has been like a father to me for 30 years now. and we shared this property
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together. >> reporter: were i'm meagan fitzgerald. coming up at 5:00, we learn more about the man who family members say was an intricate part of this community. seems like this one behind me scenes all too common in fairfax county up twin brook road, not far from braddock road it is shut down because of, well, the obvious trees falling onto these power lines, the power lines you can see how close they are coming to the road in some parts. power crews tell me this probably has electricity out to a few hundred residents. they are working quickly, you may be able to hear the sound of some of the chainsaws, preremoval crews out here dominion power crews out here. the damage not just done to the power lines. we checked out some of the homes in fairfax county. folks had to take the day off because their homes are simply unlivable at this point. going to check in with them, show what you they are dealing with when we see you ahead at 5:00 n fairfax, i'm david culver, news4. people who live in this maryland neighborhood are
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dealing with no water. wssc had to shut off the valves to 68 customers after the water main burst in upper marlboro. it was built in 1969. water was gushing down bishop mill drive. wssc says the water should be back on by dinnertime. lightning rocked the rain delay at nats park last night. an instagram user just shared this video with news4. a bolt of lightning struck a construction crane not far from where nats fans were standing. no one was injured. storm team4 chief meteorologist doug kammerer the severe storms are long gone and we have a much milder night ahead, we are hoping? >> i tell you today is simply beautiful, a nice night tonight, i mean really kind of the rest that we need across our area. we have had a lot of severe weather days, last thursday, saturday and then yesterday. today, a little bit of a reprieve. 85 degrees, temperature-wise, make our way through the area. 84 toward fredericksburg. the high temperatures today, a lot cooler than yesterday's high
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of 96. right now the radar, nothing to worry about, not going to see any rain today, but tomorrow a different story back in the yellow again. what is this? severe weather threat, a slight risk for severe weather once again tomorrow afternoon. we could see that once again tomorrow. so, damaging wind gusts hail, even more heavy rain across our area between 4 and 8:00. continue to keep you posted. veronica back in just another minute with the latest on that >> thanks, doug. there's been an extraordinary twist at the boston bomber's sentencing. just before dzhokar tsarnaev received a death sentence, he apologized. tsarnaev says he is sorry for the lives he took and the damage he has done. the first time he expressed anything other than indifference for the suffering he and his brother caused when they set off bombs at the boston marathon and killed a police officer two years ago. ahead in our next half hour, some of the powerful testimony from survivors. we learned today no charges will be filed against the security officers involved in a deadly confrontation at fort meade. the officers shot and killed
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ricky hall outside nsa headquarters after he ignored commands to turn around. hall and another man stole an suv, made a wrong turn and ended up in front of the intelligence agency. the officers were afraid the suv might breach security. metro's culture of safety is front and center at today's n it sb hearing on the deadly smoke incident at l'enfant plaza in january. one union leader today said employees are reluctant to report safety laxes because they were afraid of losing their jobs. news4 transportation reporter adam tuss is at the hearings for us. >> reporter: another day of marathon talks here at ntsb headquarters about the l'enfant plaza smoke episode. the key takeaways from today, some front-line metro employees are afraid to report safety issues for fear of retaliation. we actually spoke to a train operator who wanted to be kept anonymous today told us about an issue when she reported an issue and was retaliated against
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by metro employees. also, metro talking about how in the future, they are going to have to go into the system and do more maintenance, which is going to lead to more delays to keep up with all the safety upgrades. going to have more on that on news4 at 5:00 and 6:00. some potentially big news for your grocery store. giant and food lion have agreed to merge their grocery chains in a deal that would create a nearly $30 billion company. the owners put out a statement saying the deal will create more than 6500 stores in the u.s. and europe and serve more than 50 million customers a week. no word yet on how it would impact existing food lion and giant stores and the workers. if you've ever been put to sleep by a doctor this story will shock you. a virginia man will get half a million dollars for being mocked by his doctor during a colonoscopy. the fairfax county patient made a audio recording. he was trying to capture postoperation instructions by his doctor, but what he heard was anesthesiologist tiffany
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ingham mocking and insulting him while he was under. ingham says the man had syphilis and tuberculosis and she wanted to punch him to "man him up." the company ingham worked for at the time suspect commenting about the jury award. mourners paid their respects to a south carolina state senator. how officials shielded today's proceedings from the rebel flag. danger lurking in the laundry. the new action to keep those liquid pods out of the hands of your children. diet or exercise? some food for thought about what really works on news4 at 4.
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we now know how a former white house chef died. walter scheib drowned according to new autopsy results from state medical investigators in new mexico. they have ruled his death accidental. scheib's body was discovered in a mountain stream on sunday, a week after he failed to return from a hike. he was 61. scheib ran the white house kitchen under presidents bill clinton and george w. bush. today pope francis welcomed philadelphia's archbishop and several other city leaders to st. peter's square. the philadelphia delegation flew to the vatican to make final preparations for the world meeting of families.
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pope francis will make his first official visit to the united states in september to attend that meeting. of course, he will also visit washington. philadelphia anticipates 1 to 2 million visitors coming to see the pope. and if you want to experience peru without the long flight, plan a visit to the national mall. the 49th annual smithsonian folklife festival is under way, but a heads up if you're planning to go. it is located in a different area this year. the outdoor festival is now between third and fourth just north of the national museum of the american indian. the park service hopes the move will cut down on the damage from all that foot traffic. you can check out the schedule on our nbc washington app. just search folk life festival. manhunt for two escaped killers nearing the 20-day mark. new at 4:00, investigators tell nbc exactly what they found in a cabin where the two men were hiding. diet or exercise, what's more important? >> well what's more important
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when it comes to losing weight? doreen gentzler helps settle that able-old debate. we have had pleasant conditions today. look at this, the humidity will be going up tomorrow. it is going to get uncomfortable. on top of that it is a moderate-impact day for us weather-wise, we are talking about not just the return of the 90-degree heat but also some afternoon thunderstorms. we will give you the timing of those storms and the impact on this area coming up right after the break. stick around. why are we watching this again? i pay for all these channels, so i make myself watch them all. joey, i'll watch anything except this.
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19 days and counting and those two escaped killers are still on the loose but police in upstate new york are not easing up on their search. today, the center of the search for david sweat and richard matt is rugged forest in far northern new york. nbc news has learned that underwear and half-answer the food found in a burg rised cabin carries both men's dna. investigators say the key to catching them will be good
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old-fashioned police work and help from the public. a horse-drawn carriage took the body of church shooting victim clementa pinckney to the state house so mourner does pay their respects much the confederate was flying outside the state house but inside, a black drape prevented mourners from seeing the historic but divisive symbol. pinckney was a state senator and senior pastor at emanuel ame in charleston. inside the row town dark silence and sorrow as more than 2,000 mourners filed past the open casket. >> he cared about the people of south carolina, whether you're black, white, rich or poor from upstate, low country he was a true south carolina state senator. >> pinckney's few val friday at the college of charleston. president barack obama will give the eulogy. alarming new numbers out today about those colorful liquid laundry pods and the dangers they pose to children. according to safe kids, there have been more than 32,000 calls placed to poison control
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centers just since 2012, for kids getting into the laundry packets. the industry is set to vote on voluntary safety standards for laundry pods. in a statement the american cleaning institute says manufacturers have already made major changes to the packaging including adding easy-to-understand safety icons and they have redesigned packaging so the packets respect visible from the outside. if you're only exercising to lose weight, put away your running shoes, skip the gym and get off the bike. as doreen gentzler discovered, the latest research shows exercise might not have much to do with losing weight. >> i've had a weight problem literally since office little kid. >> reporter: jay says he used to hit the gym about five times a week, everything from lifting weights to cardio yet, this was him just a few years ago overweight and suffering from high cholesterol and high blood sugar. >> it was very frustrating. i'm too young to be having these problems.
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>> reporter: just look all around d.c., you will see a lot of people just like jay running, biking, buying gym memberships and classes at expensive fitness studios, but experts say if their goal is to lose weight, all that exercise might not be helping and it could even be causing weight gain. >> the problem is that people often look at exercise as a license to eat. >> reporter: todd miller is associate professor of exercise and nutrition science at george washington university's milken institute school of public health. he says exercise same lates hunger so people eat more and usually, too much after a workout. to make things worse most underestimate the number of calories that going for a run or a cycling class will burn. >> it's hard to burp a lot of calories through exercise. most people don't like to get on a treadmill and run for an hour and only burn 400 calories. >> when it comes to weight loss i thinks it's probably 75% diet and 25% exercise. >> reporter: registered
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dietitian judy kaplan says she hears much of the same thing from her clients. >> i'm doing everything i can. i'm following this i'm following that and i listen really carefully. i say just tell me about what you're eating, tell me about your life. when i really look at it, they are eating way more than they think. they are drinking way more than they think. they just really don't have a realistic view of what's going on in their lives. >> reporter: that's what happened to jail. he learned he was eating too much. he ate foods that made him feel full and cut out anything he didn't need. >> i did start to lose weight and that was sort of astonishing to me because i had tried so many things over so much time. >> reporter: now, 75 pounds lighter he says he is feeling better than ever sticking to his diet plan and now working out with a personal trainer. >> when i turned 40 i was so much healthier than when i
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turned 30. it was really amazing. >> reporter: doreen gentzler, news4. some new video is just coming in and it shows the suspect police say intentionally set a popular restaurant on fire. this is surveillance video from tucker's in upper marlboro. the suspect is seen outside the restaurant and then it shows him inside what looks like the kitchen. the restaurant burned down last week and the fire caused about $2 million in damage. a donation big enough to fill a bus will help hundreds of needy children in prince william county this summer. the capital area food bank and shopper's food warehouse teamed up to fill a food bus. the bus visits several locations every week day and delivers healthy meals to kids in need. >> a lot of children, you know, get meals in school and then the challenge is when school's out, they don't really have proper meals. >> we have the opportunity to provide over 18,000 meals for children during the summer
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months. >> to see a complete list of locations where the shoppers mobile feeding bus will stop head to our nbc washington app and search shopper's bus. well, doug was up pushing out alerts on the app, updating the forecast about every five minutes yesterday. he's getting a little break, just like we are from all those storms. >> will our break continue, doug? >> i think it will, at least for tonight. tomorrow we go right back into it potentially during our afternoon shows once again. this afternoon nothing to worry about. we have got a little bit of time to rest in between the two sets of storms seen a lot of severe weather the past couple of days. today, we are not seeing that at all. plenty of blue skies temperatures nice and cool. 85 degrees, that's right around the average high, low humidity and nice little breeze out there today, really, a gorgeous afternoon. take a look what the we are dealing with 81, gaithersburg 80 fredericksburg 80 out on the river coming in in at 79 degrees. nationals' forecasts new york
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delays, a lot of delays as they take on the braves again. jordan zimmermann taking the mound at 7:05. 84 at 7:05. 78 last out. tonight, a perfect and i do mean a perfect night for baseball. nothing on the radar right now, but, but watch what happens here. not a whole lot going on in our area just back to the west. here is our next storm system making its way our way. that storm will allow for more thunderstorms to develop during the day tomorrow. no problem at all tomorrow morning. i think we will see sunshine. most of our thursday is looking good. watch what happens during the afternoon. 4:30, more storms developing. not a lot. not going to see a repeat what we saw yesterday, could see strong storms, could be severe once again. biggest potential will once again be that high wind threat. highs of 90 tomorrow, 84, thursday, 78 on saturday the weekend looking a little bit better now than it was a little bit yesterday, no longer in the low 70s, i have got us in the upper 70s to around 80 best chance of rain looks like saturday. yes, saturday could be a little bit of a washout, sunday,
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looking better and better. phew. a new push under way to remove the confederate flag from virginia license plates. what the governor says the dmv will do to anyone with one. google is giving us all chance to go back in time. angie goff will show you how to use google's g mail's new undo feature.
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most of us at one time or another have written an e-mail and hit the send button only to regret it. now, google is giving you a chance to take it back. news4's angie goff shows you how. >> reporter: now, here's the most important thing the most time you will have to undo your e-mail is going to be about 30
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seconds after you send it, so you've got to act fast. here's how it goes. what you do you go to your settings right here. we made a fake e-mail address, by the way. you hit your settings. that's going to take you to the next page. if you scroll down to about the middle of the page, you're going to have the option to enable undo send, choose the timing, going to do 30 seconds because that's the most time. the most important part your going to want to hit save changes so that you can save that in your settings. let's do an example here to show you how it all works. we have created this e-mail and it is in the subject line, let's move it up one more time, "my boss, i don't like him." now that is absolutely not true, but we are just doing this to show you an example. we send it, then we get the message up top that we can undo it or view it. we are gonna undo and, bam, we get our message right back. and we are saved. now, most of us use our phones for e-mail. now if you want the ability toed up send on your mobile advice, tough install google's inbox app, you cannot unsend
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e-mails with just the g mail app or using the mobile website. i'm angie goff. >> if only that had been around ten years ago. a lightning strike sparks a fire that rips through a local apartment complex. news4 talks to residents trying to save what they can. and virginia moves to
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now at 4:30, families are scrambling after a lightning strike started this fire in maryland. one family lost everything including some precious photo albums that just can't be replaced. last night's storm damaged two buildings at the university square apartments. news4's molette green talked to people in upper marlboro now trying to salvage what they can. >> reporter: in the light of day, you can see right through the charred roof. that's this man's unit. >> i saw a spark, very big one
4:31 pm
and i didn't think it would be anything big. and then i start smelling smoke. >> reporter: he is visibly shaken this morning after having to run out last night when lightning struck and set the roof on fire. >> i really don't even feel anything yet. i think i didn't come out of the shock yet. >> reporter: a mattress, other furniture, including baby gear for his newborn daughter charred, damaged and tossed out. he has lived here for 12 years but didn't have renter's insurance. >> i don't know how to start over. >> reporter: prince george's firefighters fought back flames at university square apartments on lake shore drive last night but the damage left buildings 207 and 209 unsafe, forcing people in 22 units out. >> heard people screaming, saying "fire, fire." and somebody knock my door. >> reporter: he grabbed his toddler son and ran out of his bottom-floor unit. he came back today to get what he could salvage. >> i don't know how is
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everything inside. the fire people the apartment just told me that everything is flooding. >> reporter: unlike his neighbor just above him, martinez says he has insurance to help him recover. and another big hit for the gentleman who lost everything, family photos burned up on that top floor level apartment. and that's something you can never replace. those forced out tell me they are staying with loved ones for now and getting whatever help they can from the red cross. in greenbelt, molette green news4. turning now to get the latest on the weather veronica we going to be back in the soup tomorrow and how hot's the soup gonna be? >> that's right. going back up to the higher temperatures, more like the summery-type conditions we have had already so much this summer a light summer breeze right now this time tomorrow, talking about more thunderstorms rolling through and they could be strong, potentially severe right now, your temperatures 81 in gaithersburg, 85, d.c., 70s
4:33 pm
there on the eastern shore, commuter forecast for tomorrow morning, folks already warm up fast. low 80s by 8 to 10 a.m., with the humidity those storms will get a chance to fire. the heat 90-degree days this year trip what will we were last year, forecasts again more storms, we will give you the timing of those storms and how bad they can be in a couple of minutes. thanks, vj. virginia governor terry mcauliffe hopes to have all kefd flag license plates off the state roads within four months. he went on wtop radio today and said state dmv officials will soon start contacting anyone with the plates to arrange a replacement. he said that will be done at no cost to the owners. now the sons of confederate veterans sponsor that plate and governor mcauliffe says they will be given a chance to design a new confederate tag without the controversial tag. if the group doesn't do that drivers will just receive a standard virginia plate. governor larry hogan says he wants the flag off of maryland's license plates as well.
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his office is working with the attorney general and the mva to address that issue. the debate over the confederate flag has escalated since the church shootings in south carolina. for more local reaction, whur's troy johnson is here now with today's talk around town. and troy, the debate certainly is not new but for the first time, we are seeing states and politicians not just talk about it they are changing their tune. what are your listeners saying about all this? >> they are really happy to hear this sustained outrage about this flag and some of the emblems that stand for the confederacy and they are telling me that, you know, they can't believe that we are seeing the kind of violence, the kind of hate that we thought we left back behind in the 20th century. nine people are dead because an admitted racist walked into a church and killed them. it is a situation where people are like, now, we can voice our condition, we are seeing changes. a lot of people telling me that is the catalyst, they don't want to see any more of this they
4:35 pm
want the symbols gone and beyond the flag they are talking about bases, military bases schools and roadways that we all have to travel on that have been named after people that they don't believe they should be named after the. also seen this week, retailers and flagmakers now saying we are not gonna make these images or set images of the confederate flag anymore. your listeners surprised how quickly that is happening? h an interesting wave of energy around, this the catalyst again with these people that lost their lives, but people are on board and they are glad to see the progress but they tell me that they are really not satisfied. here is what listener, kia, has to say about this. >> i think that removing the flag, removing the various symbols, the license plate the statues going a good direction, the right direction. i do think it is a drop in the bucket, a drop in the ocean. we are not there, as far as
4:36 pm
complete change. but we are getting there and it's a good start. but we still have a lot of work to do and it's gonna take more than marches and protests. they tell me they would like to see more symbols that reflect our nation and the diversity of people that have done great things in america. there's -- there are plenty of examples of those. >> and plenty of talk on both sides. of course there are those who believe that it is a recognized symbol of hatred but others point out it is a symbol of heritage and history they want to continue to honor. >> listeners tell me you can't defend the indefensible. the founders of the confederacy made these flags and symbols and it was centered around slavery. it wasn't states' rights, it wasn't those things. people know the history and they say they are taking what those confederate 150 years ago to heart. they want those emblems gone and move forward. the same thing has happened in germany, gotten those things out of the way, reconciliation in south africa. people say, will it happen next
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in america? >> all right troy johnson thank you troy. absolutely. >> all right. sentenced to death. the boston bomber apologizes to his victims. how they are reacting, new at 4:00. you have probably seen the video in your facebook feed. now, the foul ball
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yesterday, severe thunderstorms. a chance for severe storms tomorrow, too. once again the biggest potential for high winds across our area could see hail and very heavy rain. veronica johnson back in a couple minutes with the extended
4:41 pm
outlook and the seven-day forecast. >> thanks, doug. i shared this video on my facebook page, the same way thousands of other people have. a biker's gopro camera recorded his own crash, it is disturbing to see the least. the good thing is he survived. jesse lopez was riding his motorcycle through the angell lease national forecast in california, he came around a blind curve and crashed head on into an oncoming l.a. fire truck. he ended up with several broken bones but lived to tell us he can't remember the crash itself. now that he has had a chance to watch the video though he thinks he panicked and hit the bike's front brakes which drove him right into the path of that truck. >> lucky guy there. the chicago cubs fan now nope as "foul ball dad" says he has gotten hundreds of text messages and e-mails today, as well as a few requests for national interviews. here's the video you have
4:42 pm
probably seen on facebook now. 29-year-old keith hartley catches a foul ball with his bare hand and while holding his 7-month-old son. some people on twitter are questioning this guy's parenting skills but the young father says the seats were a gift from a friend and he says he didn't know they would be so close to the field. he jokes that his wife had complete faith in him. i will bet she did. go to our nbc washington app to hear that father describe just how he accomplished this daring feat. search cubs dad. >> since i know my wife is at work and not watching now, i will back that dad completely. i don't think he was a bad dad. the kid informs this arm reached this way, no problems there. >> let just be glad he didn't drop the baby. >> no, no, that's the important part. the important part. and we don't take parenting advice from people on twitter. so, that's another thing too. >> or guys in baseball. >> exactly. the washington nationals make a good play fans yell and
4:43 pm
spell, n-a-t-s, nats, nats, nats. seems like you're some of the best spellers in the major leagues. looked at the web sites of all 30 ball club and analyzed the fan comments for grammar spelling and punk situation errors and nats fans are in the top ten for accuracy. you had just under six errors for every 100 words. that's better than all the other teams in the national league east. sorry, new york. mets fans came in last. smallest survivor. how this 5-day-old baby made it through a tornado. >> aw cute. and developing right now, the boston bomber addresses his victims. what dzhokar tsarnaev told them
4:44 pm
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if is the end of another chapter in the boston bombing and it closed today with a surprise surprise. >> dzhokar tsarnaev apologized
4:47 pm
to the victims before the judge formally imposed the death sentence. this is his first expression of remorse but a lot of the survivors say didn't nearly go far enough. here is nbc's chris pollone. >> reporter: as the courtroom in boston's federal courthouse fell completely silent, convicted marathon bomber dzhokar tsarnaev rose and apologized to his victims their family and friends. tsarnaev thanked his attorneys and the family that voted to put him to death for the 2013 bombing and aftermath which killed four people and injured more than 200. speaking softly and with a slight accent, tsarnaev said, "i am sorry for the lives i have taken, the suffering i have caused and the damage i have done." but for some bombing victims, tsarnaev's apology rings hollow and comes too late. >> i regret having ever wanted to hear him speak, because what he said showed no remorse no regret and no empathy for what he's done to our lives. >> reporter: it was a stunning end to the six-month trial in which tsarnaev sat emotionless day after day and chose not to testify in his own defense. before he spoke two dozen
4:48 pm
people impacted by the bombings and the murder of myth myth police officer sean collier stood before the court and spoke about how the crimes impacted their lives. the father of martin richard, the 8-year-old boy who was killed in the blast said he chose hate he chose destruction, he chose death. we chose love, we chose kindness, we chose peace. that's what makes us different from him. rebecca gregory who now backs with a prosthetic leg, told the bomber, while your intention was to destroy america, you actually strengthened us. tsarnaev will now be moved to death row at a federal prison in indiana. chris pollone nbc news new york. the same line of strong storms that hit us slammed into south jersey overnight. winds up to 70 miles per hour peeled back the roof of a macy's department store and damaged parts of a.showing center in gloucester. trees were downed, deck furniture went flying, nearly 200,000 people lost power. a couple in illinois just lost the top floor of their
4:49 pm
house to a tornado. they say it doesn't matter. this he were home with their newborn baby and 10-year-old daughter when the storm hit monday night, so the important thing is everyone survived. >> he had the baby in the door with one hand and i'm holding onto him and grabbing my daughter and we are all just holding on. >> baby braxton was just five days old when the storm hit. so he is not going to remember anything. they will have to tell him the story one day. >> cute little guy. we remember all of the havoc we experienced last night. so veronica are we talking about storms as severe for tomorrow? >> yes, they could be severe tomorrow, strong to severe but they are not to be quite as widespread. you know that line that came through yesterday was pretty far and wide stretching, right across the state, coming in through areas of pennsylvania and dropping right through areas of virginia. here's what we are looking at moderate rain coming our way tomorrow, even heavy and in a few locations, friday we have got more showers to talk about and we are not done with the
4:50 pm
rain because we have got wet weather as we head into the weekend, too 85 degrees, sunshine, northwesterly breezes blowing so it doesn't feel that sticky or humid out there today. there is your 90 for a high temperature tomorrow, we bounce back up but wait till you see the seven-day forecast. i will show you if those 90s are going to be returning in a big watch 91 culpepper, 86 mount airy and frederick, maryland, tomorrow. yes, it is going to be humid, too. that would be the fuel for the rain that i just talked about coming our way tomorrow. the other thing we can see some hail and damaging winds tomorrow, just like the system that we had. so there could be isolated power outages coming our way tomorrow and some pockets were we could see some limbs and trees down yet again. but not as widespread as what we had yesterday. here's the sky cast, there, you can see it 9:00 tomorrow, still a few showers, that line should be just south of our area. take a look at forecast panels here throughout the day, 85 degrees at noon. 89 at 3 p.m. 81 by 6:00.
4:51 pm
and then the storm should be ending by around 9:00 tomorrow. so, most of them coming in to our area around 4:00 making their way by around 9:00 more than two inches of rain can fall across parts of our area as we head into the first part of the weekend. there's a look at your seven-day forecast, wet weather, but early sunday, a 50/50 weekend, we will salvage sunday, lot more coming up, news4 the at 5:00 guys. >> thanks veronica. working several developing stories in our newsroom now. family and friends are mourning the death of a poolsville man killed in a crash during last night's severe storm. elmer frolik was driving his truck on darns town road, he hit a tree that had fallen into the roadway. frolik was 79 years old. today, meagan fitzgerald spent time with his family who say he was an integral part of his small town and would do anything for anyone. more on that on news4 at 5:00. this is chris gordon at the montgomery county circuit court
4:52 pm
with a story of justice served ten years after a drunk hit and run driver killed a retired d.c. police officer jumped bond and fled to yen yakenya. the family of the vick have i can tim, retired d.c. inspector o'brien had given up hope that the driver would return and be caught to be sentenced for their crime. but to be surprised the suspect was found and today sentenced for vehicular homicide. >> i feel like a weight has been lifted. i'm very happy with the outcome. >> reporter: all new at 5:00 we will hear from the montgomery police officer who arrested him ten years ago, only to see him flee to kenya. what he thinks about him being brought to justice and sentenced. all new at 5:00. a scene at boston's logan airport. and why the ci
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no disrun information commercial air service at boston's logan airport right now after an emergency involving a small plane today. officials say friction started a fire on takeoff. emergency crews doused the plane with flame retardant. luckily, no one was injured. talk about cool that's u.s. marine strike fighter taking off from a ski jump at the naval air station in maryland. this video of the first successful test launch of the f-35 v off the ski jump was released today. the fighter is designed to launch off a sloped ramp so it can take off from a shorter distance and carry more weapons. the jet goes from zero to 165 in two seconds. >> pretty cool to watch. >> amazing. d.c.'s summer jobs program has been going for decades but this year, there's some changes.
4:57 pm
>> yeah. it has a new name and you might be surprised to learn some of the applicants are college grads. news4's zachary kiesch has details. [ phone ringing ] >> reporter: the d.c. summer youth employment program call center is in full swing. >> though if you wore just maybe like a nice polo and slacks. >> reporter: after 36 years there's a new name honoring founder marion bar rained expanded program. for the first time this year will include 22 to 24-year-olds. >> in the fall, i will be a second year graduate student. i'm studying secondary education with a concentration in english. >> reporter: people lining sharonda adams a student at trinity washington university, and she has got her summer assignment. >> i'm basically working with the population of students that i want to make a difference with as i continue with my education. >> reporter: about 100 young people in this year's program are college educated. 10% of the new enrollment. jauron price, deputy director of youth workforce development. >> you know, some people would be surprised to know there are
4:58 pm
college students or young people who have earned a bachelor's degree or associate's degree in the program, but the reality is it is a really tough employment market right now. >> reporter: 15,000 young people from across the district start work monday. also new transportation and pay increases. >> young people who work during the summers are much more likely to work and be successfully employed as adults, so very important they have the opportunity for early work experiences mentoring, the connections to caring adults who are interested in their growth and development. >> you're welcome. you have a nice day sir. >> reporter: reporting in northeast d.c., zachary kiesch, news4. live now at 5:00, a deadly storm. tragedy hits a family in maryland. i spoke with the family of a man who was killed when the storm rolled through. many of the roads still look like this in fairfax, an absolute mess. i will tell you why cleanup crews may be running out of time
4:59 pm
tonight. jim? we begin tonight with more on the crash during the storm that killed a man and rocked a small maryland town. >> that victim was driving his truck down a rural street in poolesville maryland, and police say he hit a tree that had fallen across the road. today, we learned that elmer frolik had just celebrated his 79th birthday. news4's meagan fitzgerald joins us live with some new reaction tonight from his relatives who are remembering him fondly. megan? >> reporter: it was certainly a tough day for the family. we were told that that crash happened not far from where we are, just yards away behind us is where he collided with that tree. we are talking about a man who was a marine. he was also a carpenter for his entire life and he is remembered by his family as someone who would have done anything for anyone. poolesville is a small town but the folks here say it's also a close-knit community. >> just turned 79.
5:00 pm
>> reporter: tom kirkpatrick says his father-in-law, 79-year-old elmer frolik, was an integral part of the town. >> that house he built that house himself. >> reporter: elmer not only built that house three decades ago but lived on the property with his wife nancy, of more than 50 years and their family. >> been like a father to me for 30 years now. and we shared this property together. >> reporter: which is why what happened tuesday night during the storm is so devastateingdevastating. just after 8:30 chopper4 flew over montgomery county police when they investigated a fatal crash on darns town road near catville. the man inside the truck was elmer frolik, he collided with a tree fallen the middle of the road. investigators say he died at the scene, which was just five minutes away from his home. >> not real. it's not real. >> reporter: less than 24 hours after the


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